happy womenWelcome to WomenWithDisabilities.org, the website dedicated to the challenges of mental illness that interfere with women’s ability to work, socialize, or otherwise enjoy themselves.  There are many psychological disorders that cause problems for ladies all over the world, and these include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, emotional instability, anxiety, depression, and countless more.

The purpose of this website is to help offer information to anyone and everyone who finds themselves or a loved one in a predicament dealing with mental illness.  Having distortions in the mind means that our thinking, feelings, perceptions, and even our bodies don’t respond in the way that we want them to.  It makes it difficult to function in society when other people don’t understand our “strangeness” and judge us.  But we understand and support each other, and with this website we will help to clear out the stigma.

women with disabilitiesAs women we already face certain challenges within society.  We should minimize the negative affects of mental illness so that we can contribute back to the world and get along within it with as little trouble as we can.  Just remember that you are an amazing and beautiful person and that we are blessed that our complex brains work as well as they do!  We will get better and grow in the process, becoming psychologically and spiritually mature individuals.

Please read all of the wonderful articles in the categories to the left.  We will constantly be updating, but we are starting with schizophrenia!  Then on to others!